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Trademark Tonic Limited's Cookie Policy sets out:

  • what cookies are

  • why they are used on our website

  • the types of cookies we have installed and their purpose

  • details of any third party cookies

  • how to find out further information on cookies

  • how to contact us if you have any questions regarding our Cookie Policy


Any reference to "we/us/our" in this page, means Trademark Tonic Limited, the owner of the website.


What are cookies

Cookies are small alpha-numeric data files which are stored when you visit a webpage, if you agree. Cookies are stored either on a website visitor's browser or on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device.


Why do we use cookies

Cookies are used to make your experience of using and browsing our website as smooth as possible. Cookies remember your user preferences, making the downloading of website elements and other features work more efficiently. Cookies also provide us with information as to which pages you have recently visited and approximate geographical location which helps us to improve our website user experience.



Main types of cookies and cookies we use on our website


The main categories of cookies are as follows:


  • Session (temporary/transient) cookies - these cookies help websites in general to retain information about a user's navigation as they browse through a website (so users don't have to re-enter any preferences/information when they navigate to a new page of a website). The session cookie is stored in temporary memory and is deleted once the user closes their web browser.

  • Persistent (permanent) cookies - these cookies are not deleted when a web browser is closed and are saved on a user's computer or mobile device for a year or more (depending on national laws/regulations). The aim of these cookies is to store user preferences, so they are remembered for the next visit to a website.

  • Third party cookies - these cookies are installed and maintained by third parties from a different domain, with the aim to gather information and data from website users, for research/advertising purposes. Understanding the demographics and behaviour of users, helps website owners to improve their websites and enhance the user experience.

We use the following types of cookies on our website (functions explained below):

  • Essential cookies - These cookies are essential for moving and navigating around our website and using the features therein (and may be session or persistent cookies). They will generally be used to store a unique user identifier, in order to provide a consistent and accurate service. Without these cookies certain parts of our website will not work as they should. These cookies do not gather information that could be used for marketing to the user.


  • Analytical / performance cookies - These cookies collect information about how you use our website, for example any pages you visit. Their usage is limited to performance and website improvement, and don't gather information that identifies users (they are anonymous). These cookies can be session, persistent or third party cookies.

  • Functional cookies - These cookies allow a website to remember choices you make (are site specific) and are usually linked to user actions such as e.g. selecting a language/country option, and any changes you have made to text size/format. Their purpose is to make your visit more tailored and overall improve your user experience.  These cookies can be session, persistent or third party cookies.

Please see the table below which includes the individual cookies we use and a description of their purpose.

Cookie name

Type and purpose of cookies cookies

Essential cookies

These cookies are essential for the full functionality of our website - for example they recognise users and their preferences when they return to our website.

Expires after 1 year

Google Analytics cookies





Optional third party cookies (analytical/performance)

We use Google Analytics which is a service provided by Google Inc. These cookies gather information as to how our website is used by visitors. This information on user demographics and how users are browsing our website, helps us understand how we can improve our site.

Google Analytics does not provide access to IP addresses or personally identifiable information. Google may use the information gathered for their own research and customer service purposes, but will not have access to your IP address be visiting our website.

By using our website you are consenting to Google using data collected about your website visit/s.

See Google's privacy policy at - 

To opt out of these Google Analytics cookies see - 

Giving consent for us to use cookies


The first time you visit our website, a pop-up window will give you the option to agree to consent to us using cookies on our website. If you give consent, you agree that we can distinguish you from other users of our website and use cookies for the purposes set out in this Cookie Policy document.


If you do not agree to consent, then you can either stop using our website or learn how to remove and change your cookies preferences in Section 6 below. However, note that by doing so it is likely that our website will not work as usual.



How to change your cookie preferences and/or remove cookies


Most internet browsers will be set up to accept cookies by default, but if you wish to block or delete cookies, you can use your web browser settings to change how many cookies you allow access to your computer. The main internet browsers i.e. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, have information on their web support pages on managing and removing cookies - see the following web links:


Google Chrome click here

Microsoft Edge click here 

Internet Explorer click here

Safari click here

Mozilla Firefox click here

Opera click here


For general information on how to manage, refuse and/or to remove cookies see


It should be noted that if you block or remove cookies (including essential cookies), you may be unable to access all or certain parts of our website, and certain functions, features and web pages may not work in the usual way.


Changes to our cookie policy


Our Cookie Policy may be updated from time to time, for example, to fall in line with any updates in relevant laws and regulations. If we make any changes to our Cookie Policy, we will notify you via a pop-up on our website both prior to and following the change.



If you have any questions in relation to our Cookie Policy, please contact us at

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