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INTA Young Practitioners Idea Exchange

Thanks so much Dana Dickson for inviting me to moderate the International Trademark Association (INTA) Young Practitioners Idea Exchange event this week, discussing client relationships and experiences on building/maintaining client connections.

A fantastic panel of Andrej Bukovnik (Bukovnik & Kulbaba IP Guardians, Belgium), Diego Perandin (ByMii Intellectual Property, Brazil), Irmak Yalciner Öktem (Yalciner Patent & Consulting Ltd, Turkey) and Nicki Chollet (Kirkpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, USA).

Really interesting insights and my main takeaways are:

- Being your authentic self with clients

- Keeping open and consistent communication channels

- Being genuinely interested in your clients and getting to know how they work

- Asking for feedback on working practices - is there anything you can be doing to help make things easier for your clients

- If something goes wrong admit your mistake as soon as possible and provide a solution to help resolve the situation

- I would also add being positive, kind and courteous (which can only strengthen and enhance work/client relationships)

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